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West Quay operates a modern, 40-seat Call Centre.

Primarily handling inbound calls, our agents are fully trained in client operations and product, order taking, secure payment processing and customer service. As the first point of 'customer-facing' contact for your customers first impressions count and our staff fully appreciate that they are representing our client and therefore the importance of engagement and empathy and being courteous, helpful, enthusiastic and professional at all times. Skills extend to up-sell and customer retention, where relevant and appropriate.


Whilst the call centre represents the 'front line' of telephone customer service, our dedicated customer service team handle those queries that may take a little bit longer to investigate and resolve and this includes responding to email and letter correspondence, social media and review sites. 


A live web-chat service is also offered, which is becoming increasingly popular as a means of customer contact. Please talk to us about integrating our solution in to your website.

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