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Orders captured locally or imported where required and processed for production, subject to stock availability, on a daily basis. Credit and debit card payments are processed same day. Where order fulfillment is handled by West Quay, client-branded dispatch notes, or labels, are created and 'next-day' delivery orders prioritised for same-day dispatch. Order data can also be created and forwarded to third-parties where a direct-dispatch requirement exists.

For clients with an e-commerce presence, we can offer the use of our own secure internet payment gateway, West Quay Secure®, which can be fully branded to reflect your online identity. This has the added benefit of allowing all financial transactions and associated customer services to be reconciled and managed, 'under one roof', especially where orders are received via multiple channels.

Cheques and postal orders are batched and reconciled, in readiness for banking, which we will either undertake, on your behalf locally or make ready for secure collection, should this service be required.

Note that we can also work with remotely-hosted, third-party systems should there be a requirement to capture order, payment and customer data directly to an external database.

Please note that West Quay is fully PCI DDS compliant and is following the new GDPR guidelines.

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